Sunday, October 31, 2010

October Etsy Grant Winners!

The CreateCrochet Team is proud to announce that we are an October 2010 Etsy Grant winner - Thank you Etsy!!!

Etsy started the team grant program as a way to help great Etsy teams like ours by providing funding to help promote and represent ourselves while spreading the Etsy message. Grants are awarded each month and being selected as a recipient is quite an honor considering the large number of applicants that Etsy receives.

We all know that our team is dedicated to supporting our fellow crocheters through our open discussions, sharing ideas, and our team contests. But our members are also a very generous big-hearted group of people. Here is a look back at the projects and donations our team has participated in that helped us to be selected as this months grant winner:

In June of 2009 the team participated in a crochet project for Operation Gratitude and made scarves to donate to care packages that were sent to service men and women. Many members of our team participated in this project and made it a huge success by crocheting over 50 scarves!

Our team opening its hearts once again in January of this year for a charity event HeartsforHaiti, an Etsy shop made up of sellers donating items with 100% of the proceeds being sent to Doctors Without Borders to help with the relief efforts in Haiti. This project was a terrific success with the shop ultimately selling 2,641 items, and our team contributed to the $33,803.32 that was raised.

Another successful charity project took place in April to support the Relay for Life program. The team made chemo caps and other goodies to sell for this program and raised $1,010 to benefit the American Cancer Society.

Congratulations to the entire CreateCrochet Team for being such an awesome and generous group of people that allowed us to win the October Etsy Grant. The prize awarded to us was $100 to purchase prizes for the October Pink Challenge winners. Because of this generous grant we will have 10 challenge winners this month and each will receive a prize worth $10 - how cool is that! The prizes will be a combination of yarn and patterns. The Pink Challenge entries will be posted tomorrow, be sure to check them out and cast your vote.


Mamta Motiyani said...

Awesome post, Courtney. Thanks for doing such a great homework of all the past articles.

Team members:
Please don't forget to ask your friends and family to vote for you. The more the votes, the more the chances of you winning the challenge.

Elisabeth Spivey said...

Great post! I'm so glad I joined up with this team! I've only been a member 4 months and look forward to things to come! What an encouragement you all are! Congrats team!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the post outlining all of the wonderful projects the team has participated in!