Friday, December 10, 2010

Make great Treasuries fast

With the November CreateCrochet challenge being all about creating treasuries it seemed like a good idea to write an article on creating Etsy treasuries. There are many articles out there on creating good treasuries (yes, we all know – use good photos), how to get into more treasuries (yes, we all know – use good photos), and how to get your treasury on the front page (ok, ok, it’s all about the photo’s again)! But the most frustrating part about creating treasuries is how long it takes to do. The fact is, making a treasury is a lot of work! I cut down the time it takes to make a treasury and hope that you can do the same. This treasury took a total of 15 minutes from start to finish – not including sending convo’s to the featured artists.

The secret? Don’t start with Etsy; use a search engine image search. I prefer using Bing and have good results with it; you can try Google too and use what works best for you – the steps are the same for either.

1. Go to

2. Click on Images

3. Type a search term and then type “” and then click enter

  • For this example I am making a treasury for modern gift ideas and I typed

modern” into the search box


Try to be broad with your search terms and this will yield more results.

  • You will be presented with hundreds of images from Etsy that use the tag “modern.” You can now scroll through the images quickly and easily to find what you are looking for.



4. Find an image that you like, right click and select Open link in new tab. By opening the link to the item in a new tab you can easily get the item number without losing your original image search. 

                           clip_image002  Select the new tab to go to the item page. image

5. Scroll to the bottom right side of the page to copy the Listing number. You can paste the listing number directly into the poster sketch tool or treasury list.


In the case of this item that I selected, it already sold. No need to worry about that, simply go into the shop and find the item again, (most shops relist sold items) to get the new listing number or you may even find a similar item that has a better photo!


6. Continue entering all of the listing numbers into the treasury and arrange the items until you find a configuration that you are happy with.

This is what my treasury looked like once it was complete


The search engine image search tool does not always work for every search you perform, a lot of it has to do with a pesky thing called Search Engine Optimization which is how webpages are ranked according to algorithms. For example, if you try the image search and use CreateCrochet as your search term, the results are not as good as the above example, only a few team members are shown, some of which are no longer on the team.

Image searches can be fun and are also very useful for finding other things too, try using them to find a new crochet pattern. It is much nicer to look through a series of images when looking for a new pattern than a list of links that may or may not have a pattern you want.

Here is a sample of what I found when doing a Bing image search for “crochet hat pattern.”


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

November "Treasury Challenge" Winners!

Winners of the Treasury Challenge:

1.  TheGiftNook: 17 treasuries
2.  PlayinHookyDesigns: 15 treasuries
3.  DeniSue4U: 12 treasuries
4.  TheStrumpetsTentacle: 7 treasuries
5.  Mamta: 7 treasuries

Each winner gets a $10 gift voucher from or
except ofcourse Mamta, Lol.

There were more than 80 treasuries made for this team challenge. That's an awesome participation :). The final list is here.

Friday, November 19, 2010

October Winners mini-interviews

Oct winners

Congratulations to all ten of the October Challenge winners! Thanks to the amazing Team Grant from Etsy each winner is receiving 2 balls of cotton yarn, 1 ball of soft acrylic yarn, and a crochet pattern. With so many challenge winners this month I thought it might be fun to do a mini-interview with each of them to find out the answers to some of the most important crochet questions: Their favorite hooks, their favorite yarn, the inspiration for their challenge item, do they have plans for the yarn they have won, and something interesting we may not know about them.


Meet Denise Patey of Denisue:

My Name... Denise Patey, both French names yet, I'm not French. I was born and raised in So. Cal. in the "Valley" in the 50's, and my Mother still lives in the same house. I have traveled, and lived in Chile as a missionary, and Brazil and Taiwan with Husband and 3 kids.
The hook I seem to use the most was my Grandmothers, a red plastic J. No brand on it.
The only one in my family doing crochet and knitting I inherited all of her hooks and needles. The most interesting, made of Ivory.
I love the feel of Alpaca, how it works up and feels -oh i said that- , and wish it weren't so expensive so I could make more things out of it. Maybe I'll splurge and make myself a hat and scarf to match my gloves.
Inspiration? Hummm... I enjoy making baby items, and since I'm still learning the craft (just learned to crochet last yr) the small mitts with a ruffle looked fun. I even followed a pattern without making too many mistakes.
With the new yarn I want to make a ponytail hat. My hook is waiting for a youngster to draw me a picture of a Sonic glove so I can finish them. I just took out a 2 foot piece of scarf that I didn't like and.. my sewing machine is calling to me right now.


Sarah from Magnoliasurprise is originally from Louisiana but has lived in Texas since 1979. Her favorite crochet hook is a size G, sometimes an H, and she only use aluminum Susan Bates. She can't handle the big sizes like a P or Q -- they just don't seem to work for her! She did finally find an aluminum Susan Bates P hook so maybe she’ll give it another go!
Sarah really loves to work with cotton and wool yarns. She does use acrylics for some of her pretend food, but only likes certain brands! One of these days, she plans on trying to crochet with cotton fabric!
Sarah was making a few things in support of Breast Cancer Awareness and had planned on making the pink teacup pincushion, so it worked out perfectly for the challenge. She thought it would be really neat to add some pink ribbon pins and decided to try out Shrinky Dinks -- that was really fun! So now, whenever she makes pincushions, she will include some appropriate handmade pins too!

Sarah doesn’t really have a project planned for the acrylic yarn that she won in the challenge -- she'll have to see what arrives and look at it a while!! Since it's a bulky weight, it may become a scarf! (Maybe she'll use her new P hook!) She is super excited about the cotton -- that may become some spa items for her son's girlfriend!
Something unique about Sarah is that she was heavy into ceramics at one time. So much so that she even bought a kiln and even poured her own molds! That was really messy work! Cows were popular at the time and she sure sold a lot of cow burner covers! She primarily made items for the kitchen and, thankfully, more than just cows!
Right now, some Christmas ornaments are on her hook with some more foodies and coasters waiting in the wings!


Smittenkitten, aka Darlene (originally from Philadelphia but residing in Maryland) had this to say:

Do you have a favorite crochet hook (brand/type/size)? I seem mostly to use a green plastic K that I have had forever. It was part of a kit & came with a range of other hook sizes. What became of the kit, I've no idea. It just fits my hand perfectly and warms quickly. I also have a few favorite bamboo hooks (by Crystal Palace) in various sizes. And of course, there's some metal in the mix. I use the smaller ones for finishing pieces or when working with certain cottons.
Do you have a favorite fiber that you like to work with? I'm truly a yarn whore, so I've no true loves in that area. Only repeat offenders. :) There is one nubbly, natty yarn that Blue Heron makes that drives me absolutely insane when I work with it because it slows me down. But it works up so beautifully, so I can't leave it alone. :D And okay, I do have one yarn that I find deliciously sinful: Blue Heron Yarn's Rayon Metallic. It's truly a decadent treat to work with & wear, so I always have some in my stash.
What was the inspiration for your challenge winning item? I saw the challenge information & it was the same week my aunt had died due to cancer. I'm not very much a joiner but I took it as a sign & decided to grab a skein or three and whip up an entry. I did not expect at all that I'd win because I've seen the awesome that my fellow teammates whip up on the regs (and for past challenges). Mad skills abound. Srsly. My mind sort of runs in more classic than creative modes when I crochet so I'm always drawn to that which I cannot do & quite enjoy seeing what others turn skeins into. I know what I see when I look at a skein & it's even better to see what someone else saw in a finished item. I was so very impressed with so many of the entries that my own vote didn't go to me & it's all good. :)
Do you have a project planned for the yarn you will receive thanks to the Etsy Team Grant? As of this moment, I've less than naught of an idea. Once I touch it, I'll have something in mind. When it comes to yarn destiny, I'm more tactile than visual.
What is something unique about you that you would like to share with the team? That's a tough one. I don't have anything truly unique like ambidexterity or being able to invert my eyelids or anything. I'm a huge Sci-fi fangirl. From books to movies. And I'm still engaged in my lifelong love affair with words, so I write everyday. And I absolutely live for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in November. It used to be the only time I'd get hang out with all the friends I've met there over the years, but since the advent of Twitter, we're kind of in a perpetual virtual party.
What's on your hook now? Currently I've a wool scarf series I'm working on & the second in that series is on my hook.


Introducing Elisabeth of Calleighsclips from Oklahoma City, OK.

Do you have a favorite crochet hook (brand/type/size)? I recently won an emito Tulip hook from it's a size H and I love it. It glides nice and smooth. Doesn't split the yarn. it also has a comfort grip and works wonders! I would love to get more in a few other sizes eventually.
Do you have a favorite fiber that you like to work with? I love Hobby Lobby's brand of I love this yarn. I have very sensitive skin and it doesn't bother me like some other brands do. I also love there cotton. It's so soft! I recently tried working with Thick n Thin yarn and I'm enjoying something very new to me!
What was the inspiration for your challenge winning item?
My Grandmother is currently fighting Breast Cancer so I knew immediately I wanted to make something, but I wanted it to be completely different than anything I normally did that would still draw attention.
My mother (who's been my grandmothers side through all this) who shares a shop with me runs Posh Pooch Designs and loves her chihuahuas. That's when I started looking for an ami- chi's to make. I found an adorable pattern and decided to make it as kind of joke for my mom but it turned out so super cute and posh. I mean what's more cute than a hot pink Chihuahua. I didn't think it would sell but the day after I found out I was one of the winners of the challenge some one purchased it! It was kinda bitter sweet but I suppose I can make another one :)
Do you have a project planned for the yarn you will receive thanks to the Etsy Team Grant? Not yet. I have to get through the holiday's first before I have fun. Maybe I'll make something for myself with it. I can't wait to see what fun color chunky yarn I get !
What is something unique about you that you would like to share with the team? I've been playing piano since I was very young. I've always loved it and hoped to one day teach it full time. I never really though it would happen but when I lost my job in Dec2008 it opened the door to try two things - trying to make money as a stay at home mom teaching piano and selling crochet items and bows. I didn't get any students for a while but an opening for a piano instructor at the college I graduated from was available so I jumped on it. I've been teaching for 3 semesters now and I love it! It's just amazing to look back and see How God worked out all the details even though I didn't know how it would work after I lost my job!
What's on your hook now? Lots and lots of Hats. Mostly owl hats ! I also have photography props to finish up and a few new patterns I’m testing up to write out for fingerless gloves and a simple girls headband.

image Holly’s shop is called strwberri1 and she lives in Wisconsin but is originally from Utah.

Do you have a favorite crochet hook? yes all of them. :)
Do you have a favorite fiber that you like to work with? Not really, I love to work all kinds of fibers. Although I do a lot of work with Caron’s simply soft yarns. I think for an acrylic yarn they are great
What was the inspiration for your challenge winning item? I do a lot of dishcloth bouquets and my Mom helps by crocheting dishcloths and sends them to me, she had made some pink ones and when the challenge came up I made some butterflies and put together a pretty pink bouquet
Do you have a project planned for the yarn you will receive thanks to the Etsy Team Grant? I have to see the color and texture and then see what it says to me.
What's on your hook now? I have 3 projects going right now, a baby afghan,a tunisian scarf, and a tweed afghan.


Say hello to Christina of JarvisGift!

Where are you from? Brockton Massachusetts

Do you have a favorite crochet hook (brand/type/size)? I like Susan Bates hooks and lately I like to use size M.
Do you have a favorite fiber that you like to work with? Yarn of course! Almost always synthetic fibers because of allergies.
What was the inspiration for your challenge winning item? The ribbon yarn that it was mixed with. A very good friend gave me that yarn and I wanted to make something pretty with it
Do you have a project planned for the yarn you will receive thanks to the Etsy Team Grant? Not yet, but I'm sure the yarn will tell me what it wants to be when I get it.
What is something unique about you that you would like to share with the team? I don't know about unique, but I'm a single Mom. I work full time and crochet almost every day.
What's on your hook now? Another scarf in slate/ ice blue.


Hello Sheila!

Where are you from? Born and raised in Arlington, WA
Do you have a favorite crochet hook (brand/type/size)? no, not really
Do you have a favorite fiber that you like to work with? I like art yarns and prism's "stuff" yarn which have different yarns, colors, textures all rolled into one
What was the inspiration for your challenge winning item? The pink art yarn I'd just bought - and what I could make with 80 yds.
Do you have a project planned for the yarn you will receive thanks to the Etsy Team Grant? not until I see the colors!
What is something unique about you that you would like to share with the team? boy, that's a tough one. ummmmm I used to own a fence company - I supplied the truck, tractor and labor, subcontracting to a fence company to install chain link fences in NC - biggest job was for Philp Morris - they have since shut down that site at Concord, NC.
What's on your hook now? A vine scarf like the one I entered in the spring 48 hour challenge - custom ordered


I'm Mamta from Mumbai, India. I love yarns, hooks and everything related to crochet. My favourite hook size is a 5mm and needle size 0. Most of my flowers are made with the 0 tulip steel needle (I absolutely love it and have atleast 5 of them at any given time). I'm a hoarder through and through and love all yarns. But if I were to choose only a few, then I'd choose these: Vicki Howell's Organic Cotton, Pure Merino Wool, Lionbrand's Cotton Ease Yarn, Silk thread that we get here in India.
When I brainstormed my mind on what I should make for the Pink Challenge, all that my mind could come up was boobs, boobs and just boobs! Since October is a Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I wanted to present breast cancer as a monster, which it is. My intention was to use the idea in such a way that it doesn't make fun of boobs, but make something which exactly speaks of what the diease is and hopefully spread it's awareness. Hence, the pink boob monster with a nipple nose, horns and a long devil tail with an arrow at the end!
Thank you so much Etsy for the Team Grant and thanks to all my friends in this team and on Facebook who voted for boob monster. I usually don't plan what to make with the yarn. The yarn tells me what to make with it. I will sure share the pictures when I make something out of it. Most probably, it will be another monster or who knows what my mind and hands makes out of it.
Something unique about me: Everything! I believe that everyone is unique. You only need to believe that you're.
Since I take on multiple projects at one time, there are a few projects on my hooks right now:
1) An amigurumi Monkey who's expressions matches my hubby - Raaj's expression. He smiles with a lopsided grin. I'll be adding a hat and specs which he wears all the time.
2) A lavender silk blouse.
3) A purse for myself.


And last but not least, meet Ash from Annapolis MD.

Do you have a favorite crochet hook (brand/type/size)? Boye (METAL ONLY) size J. It was the hook I learned on and the green paint has rubbed off in spots where my fingers run over it as I am crocheting.
Do you have a favorite fiber that you like to work with? I only have fibers I dont like to work with. I hate scratchy acrylics. Any acrylics I use are silky smooth, but recently I have been experimenting with wools and mohairs.
What was the inspiration for your challenge winning item? I saw a scarf at taget last year, it was braided machine knit, and I though I could do that... I modified it into a circle scarf for more shape.
Do you have a project planned for the yarn you will receive thanks to the Etsy Team Grant? I have to feel the yarn before I plan with it, not the other way around. So it will be a surprise to me too.
What is something unique about you that you would like to share with the team? I hold the hook 'wrong' or so I have been told by every crcoheter I have ever compared notes with. I hold it more like a pencil, but I am really fast that way so I never tried to 'fix' it.
What's on your hook now? I am currently makeing a grey wool pea-coat-like sweater. I cant wait to see it finished.

Lillian Robinson & Dellian Abdurrazzaq (mother/daughter team)

Where are you from? We are originally from South Bronx, NY but both live in Columbus, OH with our families.

Do you have a favorite crochet hook (brand/type/size)?
Dee: I have 2 hook that I work with all the time - 8Roye & US66/400mm
Lily: I love my pink metal size H crochet hook & have a hard time using anything else.

Do you have a favorite fiber that you like to work with?
Dee: Cotton thread
Lily: I love, love yarn but my favorite is Caron Simply Soft - its wonderful

What was the inspiration for your challenge winning item?
Dee: I made it for The Breast Cancer awareness month.
Lily: My mom is a one yr breast cancer survivor. So this was a wonderful way to fill our shop with pink. We both made a lot of items but thought the sweater/jacket was the best we had and decided to enter it in the challenge.

Do you have a project planned for the yarn you will receive thanks to the Etsy Team Grant?
Dee: Not yet.
Lily: I always have a million ideas floating around in my head. I have no clue where to start!

What is something unique about you that you would like to share with the team?
Dee: I love making things.
Lily: I find my loving crocheting is unique - not many people I know do it. It wasn't until I got on etsy that I realized that maybe its not a dying art!! I feel so priveleged being surrounded by so much talent.

What's on your hook now?
Dee: I working on a wonderful new item.
Lily: I have 3 projects going right now - black fingerless gloves, a poncho & a wonderful revisible cowl.

I hope you have enjoyed reading all about our October Challenge winners.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pink Challenge Winners

The CreateCrochet Etsy Team was blessed with a $100 Team Grant for October month's Pink Challenge.  The grant was split amongst the top 10 highest votes.

Each winner will receive 2 balls of soft stranded cotton knitting yarn as in picture 1( 50 gms each)

As well each winner will receive 1 ball of bulky weight soft acrylic yarn, each ball is approx 50 gms, (out of the colors seen the picture)

Each winner will also receive one free crochet pattern.

Congratulations to the winners!!!

The Top 10 Votes in numerical order only and not by vote order went to:

Monday, November 1, 2010