Saturday, January 31, 2009

Time for Intros Part 3

Hope everyone is enjoying the introductions to the new Create Crochet Team shops. I sure am enjoying getting to know these shops, seeing new creative venues and unique items. The pace of which the team is growing is also very exciting! So here is Part 3 of our intros.

Crochet Spot
( - is a new shop, just opened in October, and still looking for that very first sale. Her shop has some cute crochet hats, neck warmers, and slippers. I really like this scarf, it is in fact an elegant scarf.

Moose Threads
( - her crochet appliques are really taking off and getting to be very popular. Her shop has items for adults - like hats and scarves - and children - like these beautiful sweaters (among so much more).

( - with a logo of "KC's Sprinkle Shop Where Everything is Sprinkled in Fabulous" A fairly new shop working on increasing inventory and still looking for that first sale. Her choice of yarn is very unique and very interesting.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

An Intro of Our Members part 2

Now that we have introduced a few of our members in the Part 1 blog, its time for more introductions! I hope you enjoy taking a gander through these stores, there are some really amazing items in these shops. Be on the look out soon for part 3.

Cast Away Creation -
( - I have ordered a few things from this shop. She even did a custom order of arm warmers for my 1 year old daughter that are beyond cute! You can check those out here : She has been adding more inventory to her shop recently, and I am sure more is in the works. The arm warmers are great, I have a pair and gave a pair as a christmas gift. New to her shop are scarflettes and scarves.

The Knotty Chick -
( - she offers crochet clothing and accessories. A new shop that opened this month. Her items are really adorable and very fashionable.

Just Be Happy -
( - adorable shop that is approaching their 1 year anniversary on etsy. She offers hats, neckwarmers, scarves, amazingly beautiful afghans, and accessories. Check this shop out - she is offering Free Shipping for the month of January, just a few more days for this offer!

Two Seaside Babes -
( - beautiful shop of hats, bath and beauty items, gifts, and non-crochet detash. Her hats are made via her own patterns with pure love of the craft. Her shop is very popular and well known, and will be hitting her 1 year mark on Etsy in May. I can't wait to buy one of her hats, once my daughter will actually keep them on for more then half a second.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

An Intro of Our Members part 1

The CreateCrochet team has been steadily growing over the past week. I wanted to do a little introduction of our newest team members and a little preview of their shops. I hope you enjoy and take a gander in their shops. To keep the length of this blog reasonable and your attention, I will be separating the intros into more then 1 blog. Be on the look out soon for part 2.

Lady Sadie's by Locklear ( - her shop is so adorable. If you are looking for a crotchet pattern, stop by here store. She has the cutest pattern for crochet slippers. Her catnip crochet toys makes me want a cat! And wonder what my dogs would do with them. And is currently offering Free Shipping on this adorable scarf :

Handcrafted By Ging ( - her shop amazes me. The skill and craft she has is outstanding. Her shop is full of crochet caplets, bowls, hats, and non-crochet items. Check out this beautiful caplet she has for sale:

Ball Of Yarn ( - another shop that blows my mind. Her creativity is outstanding. Her shop has crochet baby items - like bibs, bonnets, beanies, scarves, and booties. But babies are not her only customer, she sells women's items as well - like cowls, neckwarmers, and other accessories. Check out this hoodie scarf that I really have my eye on:

Handmade Sunshine ( - is a new shop that is slowly building up. She has been crocheting most of her life, and has recently ventured out into spinning her own yarn. Which she has found to be a new love of hers. Her shop offers beautiful hand spun and dyed yarn. I found this yarn so pretty:

Thursday, January 8, 2009

CreateCrochet is LIVE

Hello and welcome to CreateCrochet once again. I wanted to announce that the team is now active on etsy!!

Our profile can be checked out here:

Our current member list is:

We look forward to growing and developing. This blog will be to make announcements, feature our members, and even favorites of our members. Along with more I am sure.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Do you work with patterns or just make it up as you go along?

How long have you been crocheting, and what got you started?

If you use patterns, where do you find them?

I ask all these questions mainly because they are always running through my head. I just recently taught myself to crochet. Watching my grandmother produce some amazing pieces, I wanted to do that as well. I'm still beginning and learning but improving with each new project. Course, I still have a hard time making squareish type items but can do the hats - my grandma is the opposite - funny huh? And my mom and aunt are knitters verse crocheting - which neither my grandma or I can get the hang of. At this point I still need patterns, and understanding them is still a struggle sometimes. I have bought a few books, which are only ok and just too costly at this point. I need to check out ravelry. And I have found a couple online that I have printed off, but I have only been able to figure out one of them. I am determined to get the hang of this!