Thursday, May 27, 2010


So, summer is here and things have slowed in (most) of our shops... you might be thinking, like myself... "What should I make today?!?"PEACHES AND CREAM CARRIE DRESS..handmade hairband to match..

We all know that the possibilities are endless. Perhaps that is why its so hard to choose!

Have you created your Spring Challenge yet? "Wedding" what a funtastic theme to work with! I know, you might be wondering where mine is! Its still up in my head. Waiting for a great moment to sit down and work it up! From what I have seen in the "etsy search" for this challenge we have...

Bridal Freeform Crochet Cuff, WEDDING WRISTLETTS, Barbie Fashion Doll Wedding Dress Gown, Wedding Garter, cotton crochet bag...

And thats about it! Lets get out our thinking caps and hunker down! Find those hooks (which I'm sure are sitting close by!) and whip up something amazing!

A few crazy suggestions and/or ideas!
Honeymoon face scrubbies
Bridesmaid purses, sun hats, necklaces, etc
Bridal Bouquet
Brides, flower girls, bridesmaids bolero
Flower girl dress, bouquet, headband, etc
Cake Topper--- oooo wouldn't this be fun!
Wedding table Centerpieces
honeymoon travel case/purse
honeymoon ANYTHING :)
Gifts for the Groom
Gifts for the maidofhonor
HEATHER..BEAUTIFUL hair accessory for a handmade wedding..
For great inspiration ideas, just type in "WEDDING" into the etsy search and see whats there! So many great ideas, and so much we can adapt to the art of crochet! HAVE FUN! I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!

I found this fun shop belle du jour by belledujour0 on Etsy and used their photos for this post. They have a nice unique style with loads of inspiration for our wedding theme! HAPPY HOOKING!
Please post spring challenge with the tag "Createcrochet wed"


Just be happy! said...

Happy Hooking!

LazyTcrochet said...

gorgeous photos! I have an idea for the challenge. I'll have to get started on it!

Irene Strange said...

I started a topic on this in out Ravelry group - maybe we can share the pictures of finished things there too!

子凌 said...

easier said than done. 一起努力吧! ....................................................