Monday, January 17, 2011

Round 2 of December winner interviews

Meet Sheila Harden, from Kirkland, WA, 2nd place winner in the Winter Wearable's category

Shop name: "SheilaRHarden" (which was actually a mistake, but oh well)

Website: Etsy is my website, I do have a Facebook page, but don't do much there I think because of the different textures I work with my items are those which must be seen, felt, tried on.

Favorite fiber to work with: Don't have a favorite yarn - except I really DO like Prism "Stuff" wish it weren't so darned expensive.

What was the inspiration for your challenge item? There wasn't any particular inspiration for my item. A woman ordered in the touring scarf in Greens. I found "Amazing" yarn by Lion Brand and their green/brown combo just spoke to me. As a carry along I used Mary Maxim's mohair sparkle to add some, well, sparkle and then beaded along the entire outside. It's the additional details like that which add to my pieces.

Do you have any advice for aspiring crochet designers? Find your own niche and don't copy others. I'm still guilty of that when I see something which looks fun, but it never sells as well as those pieces which are truly "mine"

How do you promote your work? Etsy, and I have a local boutique displaying a few things.

Koi Pond, Blue, Orange, Cream, Lime Green Art Yarn Hat
Garden Party Flowered Cardigan, Junior size smallHow would you describe your own personal style and how is this reflected in your crochet designs? My own personal style is a little eclectic, fun, sparkly, beaded.... people say "it's so you!" so I must have something which stands out... and how could it NOT be reflected in what I create? I think the designs I've done so far this year with the flowers and beading are much more "me" than other things I've done in the past.

What is your favorite hand crafted item of all time? Of mine, it's either the touring scarf - which I'm really proud of, or a pink heirloom baby afghan I made a few years ago - it was sooo incredible - lacey, ruffly, satin ribbons....


Meet Viki Gogolak 2nd place winner in the Decorations category

Your name: Viki Gogolak

Where are you from? Hungary, Europe

Shop Name: CrocheTrend

Website (if you have one): (will be open soon)


Facebook Page:

Favorite crochet hook? Susan Bates Silvalume H8

Favorite fiber to work with? Cotton or wool blends.

What was the inspiration for your challenge item? Warmth of the holiday season.

How did your interest in crochet first begin? My mom used to have many knitting/crochet books and magazines, she made us pretty sweaters and hats. I don't know how it began, it just happened....

paulaWhich project or piece of work are you most proud of? A wedding dress made for an Etsy customer.
Baara Retro Hat Easy Crochet Pattern

Has your style changed at all since you first started crochet designing? No, I think it hasn't changed.

Please give a quick overview of your design process from the initial idea to the finished product. I search for ideas online (or in my dreams, it really happened) and keep my eyes open on the streets for hats!! Sometimes I like the shape of a hat or the color or just a little part of it. On the other day my husband and I were in the car on the roads of Budapest, I was on the phone with my sister, (who also loves to crochet) and I saw a lady with a cool purple knitted hat on. I quickly described it to my sister to make sure I wouldn’t forget it. I really liked the side of the hat, so I will grab my hook and try-rip-try-rip until I like it as much as the knitted purple hat....

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