Saturday, January 31, 2009

Time for Intros Part 3

Hope everyone is enjoying the introductions to the new Create Crochet Team shops. I sure am enjoying getting to know these shops, seeing new creative venues and unique items. The pace of which the team is growing is also very exciting! So here is Part 3 of our intros.

Crochet Spot
( - is a new shop, just opened in October, and still looking for that very first sale. Her shop has some cute crochet hats, neck warmers, and slippers. I really like this scarf, it is in fact an elegant scarf.

Moose Threads
( - her crochet appliques are really taking off and getting to be very popular. Her shop has items for adults - like hats and scarves - and children - like these beautiful sweaters (among so much more).

( - with a logo of "KC's Sprinkle Shop Where Everything is Sprinkled in Fabulous" A fairly new shop working on increasing inventory and still looking for that first sale. Her choice of yarn is very unique and very interesting.


Handmade Sunshine said...

Wow! We certainly have some talented people in our team. We rock!

K-RON said...