Wednesday, January 21, 2009

An Intro of Our Members part 1

The CreateCrochet team has been steadily growing over the past week. I wanted to do a little introduction of our newest team members and a little preview of their shops. I hope you enjoy and take a gander in their shops. To keep the length of this blog reasonable and your attention, I will be separating the intros into more then 1 blog. Be on the look out soon for part 2.

Lady Sadie's by Locklear ( - her shop is so adorable. If you are looking for a crotchet pattern, stop by here store. She has the cutest pattern for crochet slippers. Her catnip crochet toys makes me want a cat! And wonder what my dogs would do with them. And is currently offering Free Shipping on this adorable scarf :

Handcrafted By Ging ( - her shop amazes me. The skill and craft she has is outstanding. Her shop is full of crochet caplets, bowls, hats, and non-crochet items. Check out this beautiful caplet she has for sale:

Ball Of Yarn ( - another shop that blows my mind. Her creativity is outstanding. Her shop has crochet baby items - like bibs, bonnets, beanies, scarves, and booties. But babies are not her only customer, she sells women's items as well - like cowls, neckwarmers, and other accessories. Check out this hoodie scarf that I really have my eye on:

Handmade Sunshine ( - is a new shop that is slowly building up. She has been crocheting most of her life, and has recently ventured out into spinning her own yarn. Which she has found to be a new love of hers. Her shop offers beautiful hand spun and dyed yarn. I found this yarn so pretty:


Just be happy! said...

Hi Kristin,

I wanted to let you know that I have published a post on my blog inviting people to join "Create Crochet", I hope you don't mind.



KristynsKreations said...

Thats wonderful! Thank you! The more the better!

CastAwayCreation said...

Great post! I'm happy to be part of a team of such talented crocheters! :)

Handmade Sunshine said...

Thank you for introducing me and my new shop. It is an honor to belong to a group that shares my interests.