Monday, February 9, 2009

Intros Part 5

Here we are again, doing part 5 of intros. Our team is up to 22 members, if my memory is correct at 7am. :) Here is the next set of shops. We have some really amazing crafters on this team, and I hope I can learn a lot from them since I am such a beginner at this. Enjoy!

CrochetGal -
( - is a very experienced crocheter. She has been doing this craft for most of her life and tends to always have a hook in her hand from what I hear. Maybe one day when I don't have a toddler that will be me :) Her shop focuses on one of a kinds and rarely duplicates a product. She offers wearable art, patterns, scarves, hats, detash yarn, and so much more.

CrochetBouquet -
( - her shop is so unique and adorable. She is all about crochet flowers. Offering banners featuring a wild bouquet assortment of crochet flowers which is just so neat looking. Her flowers come as appliques, magnets, patterns to make them, rose stems or bouquets, and arrangements. A must see!

The Green Violet -
( - a very brand new shop, just opened a month ago. And already had that first sale. She is a geologist by day and crochet crafter by night. Makes for an interesting story. Her shop offers crochet laptop cozies - which are so cute - wrist warmers, hats, and itty bitty bags. The itty bitty bags are adorable.


Lady Farrah's by Locklear said...

I love those little itty bitty bags!! How cute! The Green Violet's laptop cozies are equally fabulous! ~Lady Sadie's by Locklear

Just be happy! said...

Welcome guys!
Crochet gal - thank you for adding my Scarlet hat to your etsy treasury the other day, that was very nice of you!

CrochetBouquet said...

I'm thrilled to be included with these artists !