Thursday, February 5, 2009

Intros Part 4

Hello Blog Readers. Please welcome the next set of shops to Etsy Team Create Crochet! I am happy to say new shops are joining the team all the time, so these intros will keep coming. I would love to hear any feedback or experience you may have had with any of our shops, please feel free to email me at

KameKnits -
( - her shop has a little bit of everything in it, which is great. Lots of choices! Crochet blankets/afghans, kids/baby items, wraps, scarves, and more! These fingerless gloves are really adorable.

Fiddlesticks -
( - offers one of a kind crochet items, which is fabulous! Bright colors is her trademark and what she enjoys the most. Which makes her shop so much fun to check out. Not only does she offer finished products but also crochet patterns. Her finished products include: wraps, scarves, caplets, shrugs, and a custom order only vest.

Cobblers Cabin -
( - I like that her shop offers items in different sizes, including plus size. There are even crochet outfits for American Girl Dolls, something different that you might not be able to get at stores for those dolls. Patterns available for hats, American Doll outfits, mittens, and more. Finished products include: hats, scarves, hat/scarf sets, placemats, fingerless gloves and more.

( - not the typical shop to be in a crochet team just looking at the name. She does have handpainted items in her shop, but also does crochet scarves as well. And they are very cute!


Handmade Sunshine said...

You're doing a great job with all the intros Kristen. Thanks for letting us know a little bit about our new members.

CastAwayCreation said...

Great new members... with beautiful items! Keep em coming! :)

Just be happy! said...

Welcome to the team!!

ballofyarn said...

Can't wait to be doing more with all these great team members! You are amazing Kristen with all the fantastic intros! (i keep spelling your name different every time i write it.... correct me when i spell it wrong!)