Saturday, May 30, 2009

More New Team Members

Carlees Corner
Carlees Corner is a brand-new Etsy shop, totally dedicated to crochet. This is the place to look if you love hand crocheted dishcloths, but there is so much more--baby bibs and blankets, totes for little girls, and cute little baby bunny lovies!

Crochet TLC
This is a delightful Etsy shop that specializes in crochet, especially baby items. The baby blankets would make a welcome gift for that new baby in your life, each one is lovelier than the next!

Joyous Treasures
Joyous Treasures is an Etsy shop that is dedicated to the art of crochet. Shop here for lovely hand crocheted flowers, bookmarks, doilies, even rugs. The bread cloth is truly an heirloom piece of crocheted loveliness!

Sweetbriers has a wonderful collection of crocheted hats: cloche hats, dread tams, and head wraps, all with lovely bright colors. This is a fun shop that also sells an assortment of hand crocheted wash cloths and spa sets.

Mamta is a lovely new Etsy shop packed with creativity. This is the place to shop if you're looking for unique crocheted items like miniature furniture, adorable plush animals, and brightly colored doilies--and don't miss the crocheted earrings!

Quite Crafty

Quite Crafty is another brand-new Etsy shop filled with all sorts of lovely gift items. Be sure to check out the kitchen towels, baby blankets, scarves, necklaces, headbands, lip balm caddies and colorful coasters!

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