Thursday, April 8, 2010

Crochet-a-thon Winner Interview - Barbiloulou

So as a prize, we decided  to do an Etsy-style interview with each of the winners and runners up. I am posting the interviews every tuesday and thursday in the order I received them.

I'm a retired Dialysis Nurse, and my husband and I are fulltime RVers. We live in a 35 foot fifth wheel, and spend winters in Kino Bay, Mexico at our little casita (made of straw bales!) Summers we live in a beautiful RV park on the Mississippi River in Minnesota, near the kids and grandkids. 

Aside from creating things, I enjoy the grandkids (7 of them, ages 2 through 25), fishing, shopping at thrift stores, and am quite addicted to my TiVo. I also enjoy photography and photo alterations through Photoshop.

After I had several spinal fusions (arthritis) I was on disability and bored, so I started crocheting. I haven't stopped. Something inside makes me want to create something beautiful or useful from something that's not! I also make windchimes and ashtrays out of seashells, or wizard wands out of driftwood, for example. I think it's from growing up poor? 

I cherish a flannel quilt one of my patients made for me, a lap quilt with cats on it that a good family friend made, my huge felted yarn tote, and my grandmother's embroidered tablecloths and crocheted pansy doilies.

To new artists, I advise reading the Create Crochet Team forum every day, and do searches for similar items to yours for ideas on what sells, what others charge, and trends. Do Facebook and Twitter to market. Watch Google Analytics. And pay close attention to customer service with your sales.

I use Facebook, just started tweeting, and email friends and family in my address book. I've only had two sales through Etsy, but many more outside. ALSO, wear or use your items publicly if possible.

In ten years, I'll be right here on the beach in Mexico with an adult beverage and a book. Or maybe my yarn tote and hooks...

My jellyfish was inspired by one that stung me last month!


gwengoods said...

Wonderful Interview, and great advice.

ballofyarn said...

I love learning about our team members! I never would have guessed that we had a retired Dialysis Nurse that lived in a little straw house! :)

So much fun!!! I want to retire like that too!

PeanutandTommy said...

What a fascinating story you have!