Sunday, April 18, 2010

Team Charity Project - Relay for Life

The CreateCrochet Team's latest charity project is to support the Relay for Life program.

Members of the team are making Chemo Caps and other goodies that will be sold at a booth at the Relay for Life at Kingman High School in Kingman Arizona the weekend of June 5-6, 2010.

This project is sponsored by our own team member CreationsbyM2, who will be organizing the booth as well as walking in the Relay.

All proceeds earned in the sale will go to the Relay for Life Foundation.
Here are some of the wonderful items that will be for sale:

A gorgeous set of crocheted chemo caps

from the Etsy shop of CharlotteLaughs.

Lovely hand crocheted caps from the Etsy shop of BigAlHats.

Beautiful feminine pink toppers from the shop of SheilaRHarden.

An adorable assortment of goodies from RemarkableCreations.

Please be sure to support our team by visiting each of these shops and, if you live in the Kingman Arizona area, stop by the team booth on June 5-6!


Julie G. said...

nice to see all the things people are making, great items.

Momma B said...

very nice!

嘉容嘉容 said...


Lindy said...

What a great cause, and what gorgeous items!

Sissyknitting said...

when we finish the hats is there an address to send it too?
thanks sissyknitting