Monday, June 21, 2010

Size matters but what else?

Hello Everyone! I recently came upon a discovery that I just have to share. Some of this information may be known to some of you but for other maybe not. One of the most important tools for us all is our crochet hooks. While at times I may have difficulty trying to figure out which size to use, I never knew that the brand also mattered. I know that may surprise some of you but just take a look.

On the left is the brand Boye. On the right is the Susan Bates brand. They are the same size hook but look at the difference. Boye hooks tend to have a narrow head while Bates hooks have a wider head with a sharper hook. Both of the hooks shown are size 9mm.

Boye brand are commonly found at most super centers while I did not know of Bates until a trip to a craft store.

I also found that Bates brand has hooks with bamboo handles. I bought one on a whim and completely fell in love! I find that the bamboo handle makes the hooks so much easier to work with. Plus if my hands get sweaty the hook doesn't start slipping out of my hands.

Another difference in the hooks are the length. Depending on where you hold your hook can also be a factor to have a project come out a different size than expected. You can clearly see the differences in the hooks shown above.

From the research conducted on this topic I found that some pattern makers not only list the size hook but also the brand and type. Customers apparently like to make sure that when they go to create their work it will turn out how the pattern states. Sometime with out line of work the slightest differences can cause a different outcome in the finished product. Sometimes it can be for the best while at other times it can be frusterating.

I find that both hooks are great to work with depending on the type of yarn being used. It's just something to think about...Enjoy!


gwengoods said...

Yeah, I realized that not to long ago, and the Boye hooks are my favorite and the ones I use all the time. I rarely use my plastic or bamboo hooks and never use my Bates. I think there is a difference between the old Boye steel hooks when they were made in the USA, then the ones now made in china.

craftydiane said...

I realized years ago that there was Boye and Bates and the difference. I really love the Boye hooks and do not care for the Bates at all. My daughter, however likes Bates.

Tara said...

Cool topic!
Another difference I noticed between the two companies is the length of the shaft (the part between the grip, where the letters and numbers are, and the head. Susan Bates hooks tend to have a much shorter shaft than Boye's. I love my Boyes because I like to have a lot of room where the shaft is concerned.

Thanks for this article.

PeanutandTommy said...

Wow, I never knew this. I have a favorite hook (can't remember what it is) and now I know why! Love the title of this posting, LOL!

Anonymous said...


Mamta said...

I want the bamboo ones now. I'm hearing so much about them that i simply want to try it out.

MagdaleneJewels said...

I have long been a Susan Bates fan (over 35 yrs) I have accidentally gotten Boyd hooks - but just can't seem to just them. I find the yarn slides more easily off the Bates hooks. Well just a matter of preference!
I too just recently saw the bamboo one - going to try them. I love using bamboo knitting needles.