Thursday, February 18, 2010

Crochet Tips of the Month

Submitted by Arti from

1) If you can't afford a stitch marker, you can substitute a paperclip or a bobby pin.

2) Use a foam pencil grip on regular crochet hooks to make them more ergonomic.

3) ALWAYS use a good light source when crocheting- I recommend using a small lamp for this purpose. Some people don't realize, but an overhead light might not be enough.

4) When weaving in ends, I weave once in one direction, and then reverse direction. I feel this makes my ends more secure.

5) Use old tins for storing crochet “notions” like buttons, beads and tapestry needles.

6) Always buy enough yarn to finish your project—it’s better to over buy, keep the receipts and return the extra yarn than run out of yarn halfway through the project.

7) Designate a specific place for all your receipts for when you DO need to return your yarn.

8) When teaching a child to crochet, use plastic tapestry needles rather than sharp metal needles.

9) Use your leftover yarn to crochet for charity. Cancer hospitals love to receive soft hand made chemo caps, and homeless shelters will take hand made washcloths.


Momma B said...

Love these tips! I read the first one and thought of my trusty paperclip! ha! And, it is good to know that homeless shelters will take handmade wash cloths. I have sent hats to them, but did not know I could send wash cloths(my friend does all the delivery, not me).

性感的我 said...

人類最偉大的力量,就是心中有希望。 ..................................................

reneek said...

Those are good ideas and econmical ones.

jbcrochetdelights said...

Great suggestions.

~Gaz~ said...

I was using a faux-piercing clip-on hoop earring as a stitch marker until it broke. Then I broke down and got split-ring style stitch markers. When my mom saw me use one, she remembered how she used to always tie a piece of different-colored yarn but then forgot that it was a stitch marker, wondered what it was there for, then crochet over it and weave it in to hide it LOL.